#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Essendon ,where talent goes to die


He just dosent seem fit. Am I alone in thinking this?


I don’t know how a broken thumb would impact his running.


He is a liability at the moment.


Misses at start of first, second and last quarters probably cost us the points. Wind out of our sails stuff.
But probably even more disappointing for a leader of this club was his non competitive effort on Acres mark in second quarter (while Saad and Parish also did nothing).


Confidence is absolutely shot for Raz


What seems odd is he no longer looks fast.

This may seem harsh but he is playing like Jerrett


I did notice that, especially in the JLT so was just hoping it was just sharpness/fitness


Another career destroyed.


If he had of kicked straight could have had 3-4 goals.
Fantasia and merret both seem similar. Lethargic - don’t look healthy, unfit.


Essingtoned in record time.

Praise be.


Maybe he’s lacking confidence in his stale licorice like hamstrings?


with 6-6-6 we need pace on the wings, think Fanta should play there if fit and use his pace to give us options down the wing so we arent always shut down in the middle of the ground.
IF hes not fit, then yeh maybe forwardline, but hes been rubbish, lacking confidence so maybe bring Jok in on wing.

Merett, Bellchambers, Fanta could all do with a confidence booster spell in the ressies and get their hands on the footy. due to interrupted preseasons they havent had much actual match simulation stuff.


As out of form as he is he has still had 4 easy shots on goal against the saints and 3 against the Giants, so clearly not all hope is lost as some are suggesting.


Calm down guys, he just needs more Learnings


Him and stringer in the 50

That’s it


obvious he was going to take some time to find his touch

was so close this game, only a few more till he’s back to it

Should have been given more time in the middle


but we need 4 more to start there???


Nor does our entire team. Absolute indictment on the club. Pure amateur hour…


You’d have to ask ‘why didn’t he?’
I’d say the answer is ‘panic’.