#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Raz will light it up this week.


He loves the G if I remember correctly.

Hopefully gets him going.


there were some encouraging signs for him. Lets be honest he should of had at least 3 goals. His touch is really letting him down. In the 3rd he dropped an absolute sitter on the lead. That shocked me, he is a very very good mark overhead.

He is getting into the right spots, just not finishing it off. I would be having him doing ball handling drills all week.

Doesn’t have a lot of confidence either, that play in the last where he could of ran into a open goal but panicked and missed. A confident Raz burns off the guy chasing him and buries it


Team awful, crap supply, looks crippled.

On track for 77 scores for the H&A season.




When we are on song Raz is the icing on the cake

Unfortunately the cake is flat, tastes like ■■■■


Wtf? Do you even watch us? Raz has to be one of our most important players. Most definitely not icing.


his stats by venue - you do the maths



Forest for the trees nerds. We need you.


Who needs a cake when you have icing. Cake is only eaten because it is socially unacceptable to eat just the icing.

In all seriousness though, he is short of touch given his finger injury in preseason. Playing as a forward in our team at the moment is a pretty tough gig when your trying to get your touch back. But he is getting each week and it won’t be long before he’s back to nailing 3 or 4 a match. Hopefully, it will be this week.


2 forwards against 6 defenders. bold strategy.


Going by those stats, he’s not that reliable when having a shot. I seriously thought he was a dead eye.


yeah nah. he ain’t. effing sprays it. but hey, what’s new about that…


well he’s more accurate at the G than Marvel, if that’s any consolation


I think set shots he is good. Well I always seem to have confidence in him to kick it…until last week :rofl:


SCG is where he brings IT!


Good to have him back.

Not his electrifying best but a vast improvement on previous weeks.

So important.


MUCH better tonight. Ran hard and into space as well as flying out from defence. Would love to know how many meters he ran tonight, anyone have Lingy’s number?


His link work between the arcs is as important as his hit up forward work. Please stay uninjured for a season


717 meters gained, 20 pressure acts and 2 goals = electrifying best,

You’re a hard marker mate.