#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Loved to see him up the ground tonight. That metres gained stat is huge, bit of a surprise. He’s our barometer


Yep. A couple of great performances flew under the radar tonight. Merrett 26 disposals but 14 contested possessions, 29 pressure acts and 6 clearances. Huge game.


BT has to get with the program on correct pronunciation.

Fan ta see ya

Great seeing him back in some form


Didn’t have his typical clean hands.

Still fumbling.

Thanks for picking up on my posts yet again. It’s becoming a habit :blush:


There’s a few people that love taking pot shots at you - glad you take it well because these same people certainly wouldn’t take it as well. Probably encourage it by responding to it but fair play to you.


I don’t mind :blush:

I give as good as I get.

All is fair in love and war!


I’d keep him in for next week.



If Raz didn’t play last night then we don’t win in my opinion.

He played more on the wing and had a fair bit of the ball. He was class when he got it as well.

I seriously think he is the most influential player we have had since Hird in his ability to break open games and can win games off his own boot. Two totally different players but in this regard they are the same.

Is absolutely electric with ball in hand. There is probably only one of two players in the comp who could catch up to him and they are on his own team!

Hope he builds on this and goes to yet another level.


I agree with that, he’s the best pure talent we’ve brought in in a long time.

Got that Mercuri type class around goals yet is really developing a midfield game.

Genuine star power, his next contract will be big.


Had a fantastic game, just broke the lines and his delivery into forward 50 was excellent too.

This should be his role, hff/wing who then goes forward. Some of his runs through the middle reminded me of Lovett, just electrifying.


Way too talented to sit in a forward pocket in games when we are struggling. Needs to be given a run on the ball & brought into the game (as last night showed). Such an electrifying & damaging player when he is on. Almost gave him three votes. Was brilliant last night.



Call again next week please.


Man you guys are precious. Highlighting Raz had a good game is a pot shot now?


Shrug. Actually it wasn’t so much you that I wanted to highlight…it’s more some other people that like to snipe/bait Killer Mike. Apart from being too positive, I can’t fault you for anything really.


I just engage with him a lot because he is always up for a discussion/debate. I don’t mean to come across as baiting.


You certainly don’t but I think others do. Guess my comment was in response to a discussion you were having with Killer Mike and so I can understand why you’re thinking my comment was directed at you as well.


Even last year when he as struggling for fitness, we were 9-4 with him and 3-6 without him

Muy importante


Killer Mike is one of my favourite posters (and not just because of the name). I’ll back him in to sidestep the bait and give as good as he gets. A bit like Parish, got caught holding the ball / bait and will respond like a champion.


Agreed. Don’t think he ever criticises anyone’s opinion directly and is always willing to share his opinion, regardless of whether it is deemed popular. Yet unlike a lot of others, he doesn’t ever get upset and always takes it in his stride.

Not sure that he doesn’t criticise anybody’s opinion though because he’s always too busy defending his own though. :sweat_smile:


Couldn’t agree more. Might be deluded, but I made a bet with my brother in law (who barracks for Hawthorn) that Raz would win a Brownlow before Hawthorn wins their next premiership. Turned the corner and back on track after last night?