#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


I’m really glad he slotted the goal after the siren. It can seem pointless in the grand scheme of things seeing as we had already won the game but it will be a huge boost to his confidence. Looking forward to seeing him roam free on the wide expanses of the G next week


Ha. What a coincidence. I have an outstanding $750 bet with my cousin’s best mate (a Dawks fan) that we will win a premiership before the Dawks. Was a tad nervous last year when they made the top 4. :wink:

Re: Raz. Yeah, he is shaking off the rust now. All the best with your bet.


Would be tough for someone playing his position to win it you’d think. Brave call.


I am betting on him changing his position as he builds his base / strength. Expect him to play midfield in 2nd half and destroy his opposition. Agree big call, but if anyone can do it …


Also think the Dawks will capitulate for next 15 years. It is their turn.


I had a Samantha Fox poster many years ago. That was my favourite one.


Touch me now! Ha.

p.s. I had more than a poster. :laughing:


Liked the fact you felt the need to caveat with “many years ago”. Bet it’s still hanging in the pool room.


Is last night his role or did we play him higher to find some form?
I was surprised at his km’s.


According to the AFL app, most of his possessions oringated in the defensive half of the ground (Q1 75%, Q2 72%, Q3 84%, Q4 50%).

It looks like we were trying to use his run and carry through the middle.


Mutch injury early also a factor. It’s a game that has brought him back. I hope he does all that running in the fwd half going forward, up and back and break his opponent.


My thoughts exactly. He’s fantastic, but he’s a flasher. Never gonna get enough of it for a Charlie.


Welcome back raz!


Will kick 5 today.


Ah Fark, I posted in the wrong thread


Well, he had 4 kicks so you were close


Fairly quite game by his standards but was burnt several times and still was more than serviceable


Couple of classy goals and 2 very slick handballs but still a fair distance from best.

Need him firing at the same time as everyone else if we want to really put teams to the sword.


No… we just need him to keep a lid on it and get his body through the season.


Steadily building.