#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


He’s just warming up and ready to give that flog Maynard a bath on Anzac Day.


He’s definitely got the blistering run and carry back going in his arsenal.

Should be cherry ripe for that mongoloid Maynard in 2 weeks.


Will kick 6 against the roos then get a hamstring injury and miss ANZAC day.




Guessing your alliteration is not 2019 level PC. Even though his Asian Mongol descendants are probably very proud of him playing with the Pies.


not for the first time, I have gone premature

*** post may not be entirely accurate ***


Anzac day was made for players like him.


will kick 5 on maynard next week


Just a lazy 4 from Raz.


Best small forward in the AFL. PERIOD! It’s not even a topic for discussion IMO. Apologies Walla, but Raz is different gravy.




That was gold from Joey


Look at Maynard all ■■■■■■■ confused because he didn’t know 5 came after 4.


Bit strange to see him chiming in for cameo master class stuff. 4 goals. Thank you very much! Maybe that’s where we are now. Raz can be a finisher. He’s a farking gun. Walla has outshone him so far but the dynamic duo is exactly that. Raz will have his big day soon.






This guy is so damn explosive.

Fastest in the AFL? The only player I can think that could match him is Saad :joy:




First thing I read when I opened this thread. Never change bipolar blitz


Thread should be changed to #13 Orazio - Late out against Collingwood.

Difference between winning and losing yesterday. He is our DeGoey.