#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


They don’t pronounce Laverde properly either. In the past there were Montagna and Giansiracusa, etc. It’s not just Italian names either, obviously.

Nobody in the media can say Daniel Ricciardo correctly. It would be interesting to hear an Italian F1 broadcast.


I have no issue with BT sticking to his guns.

It has taken what 4 years to even check what the correct pronunciation is and now people are concerned?


That’s a great example.

Mind you, sometimes people don’t pronounce their OWN surnames ‘correctly’ after a generation or two, e.g. Laverde and Montagna.

I remember a guy in high school having a big argument with an Italian teacher about how he should pronounce his own name.


all this talk about how to pronounce italian names has me flashing back to laverde’s how to pronounce his own.

laverde it comes from italian


You couldn’t tell me Fantasia isn’t better off for the extra publicity BT has given him over the years.



BT is an entertainier.


Why can’t you mispronounce it on purpose like Rex Hunt. Koutafidamides?


I’m already sick of hearing Basil pronounce it correctly.

Also I don’t think Orazio gives two hoots. It was Heppell that brought it up.

The taters are technically mispronouncing McGrath too


How about Adam Ramanauskas? You’d hear his name pronounced 2 different ways, sometimes by the same commentator in game! At least BT will be consistent. As long as he’s out on the field kicking goals for us who really cares how they say his name? He’s elite!


I think if someone says “my name is pronounced this way, it would be nice if you pronounced it like that” and you say “nah”, then you’re a bit of a d/ck


I agree with that but I also believe industry is pretty average in not confirming it far earlier.


Not a very good one. Appalling commentator too.


He’s not alone.

They are all average.


Out of curiosity, how is Prestigiacomo, Laverde, Montagna and Ricciardo supposed to be pronounced?


I’m glad someone asked. I was thinking the same thing.


Hearing Americans pronounce “Notre Dame” makes one cringe.



Thanks for that, very helpful!


Hit the Presti one again, I had the English link, … now Italia.