#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Can see this stretching out to a 10 week injury


Guy deserves to play for a club who can actually get his body right.




poor ■■■■■■■. this is farked.


I have the same issue with my relatively easy name to pronounce and people just refusing to make an effort.




That is literally the worst possible team news, Raz a soft tissue injury…

Season done.


Whatever happens, he and JD can’t possibly get voted into the leadership group again.


For being injured?


Gutted. He’s our most important player, IMO. Huge month coming up and we desperately needed him.



How many weeks would a quad usually be? I’m guessing 4-6?


Get him to coach this side for the remainder of the season.



If this news is true then it’s a big blow. Although, if Daniher comes back and stays fit for the year that’ll help with the forward line. But we need our small forwards to fire, and Orazio is the most important one. Walla has to step up and get back into form and consistency.


All good. Baguley to come in as replacement. That’ll fix it.


I need help. This week:

  • Boston eliminated from NBA playoffs
  • Liverpool don’t win the league (OK we still have the CL Final
  • Essendon ■■■■ the bed against the bottom placed team
  • Orazio out injured

I just got a coffee, I need something far stronger!


Oh mannnnn. Just when you think things can’t get any worse for the club


Hopefully it’s minor given that it flared up post-game. It’s not like he was hobbling off the ground


F##k this year is a nightmare.


Just like every other year. Rinse and repeat with this club!


On SEN they said he’s out indefinitely with it.

So bad they can’t even put a timeframe to it?!