#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 1+2 more years" Fantasia


Is he not doing his preparation (stretching, whatevers etc) as carefully has he should? Some players are meticulous with this. Or is it just how he is?

When he’s going at full pace or kicking hard I do wince in fear he’s going to pull up hurt. Daniher is the same now.


Fark this


NOT at Essendon


He’s so done that they may as well put him on a raft and push him out to sea-a

Get it? Because his name is Fanta-sea-a.

Get it?


You do want him to stay don’t you


This is a nightmare of a season.

Who is next?


This is ■■■■■■. Raz’s body is ■■■■■■. Our year is ■■■■■■. This club is ■■■■■■. Monday’s are ■■■■■■. ■■■■ off!


Stick a fork in this season, we are done.

He is a combo of Winderlich and Cyril.

Orazio is key to our future success, if we can’t come up with an injury prevention program to get his body right for the long-term then we are damned for the foreseeable future.


You could just say “he’s white Cyril”. Because that’s the only thing Windy is bringing to that party


Very disappointing. He’s like our Ferrari… great to look at, performs brilliantly but not so reliable for everyday use! (So I’m told :blush:)


You are ■■■■■■■ joking me right?

Farking Scully and Omera are running around and where are our critical best players on the list over the last 2 years when we have needed them to turn around this dumpster fire of on on field performance.




Sadly we were done even before the season started. - too many injuries during pre-season and a miss-managed lead up to round 1.


Settle J. Carlisle… it’s not like you’re in any better nick since you left


This is so, so farkin disappointing.
I just want to go to the footy with my son and watch this guy play.
The team is consistently disappointing, but at least some enjoyment is derived from watching this maestro at work.
Instead, you just hold your breath every time he strides out further than 75%, and you just know he ain’t playing more than 3 games in a row at full fitness.

Life’s tough, and there are bigger problems in the world, I get that.
But man, from a football perspective, given the level of care and emotional investment we all possess towards this once great club, missing him till (at least) post the Bye is heart breaking stuff, and will probably cost us another win or 2.



I am prepared to accept that we will only get a handful of games out of him every season.



Ok thing I’ll you’re right. We should put him on ice and only bring him out for our ritual finals belting that happens about once every 5 years


Haha, one or two games during the season where he will get injured, then the weeks off in cotton wool followed by our ritual finals hiding. :slight_smile:


Fantasia Daniher Laverde
Brown Stewart McKernan



We are more than boned if Fantasia is out…

Literally the last AFL ready leadup forward in the cupboard.