#13 Orazio "Call me Razzle Dazzle for 2 more years" Fantasia


I wouldn’t mind Stants back in if we didn’t already have Howlett in.


Zerrett one week. Razz out as well. Saturday night’s perfectly setup for a stirring victory to the underdogs.


I’m assuming no news is not good news?


We aren’t serious contenders this season. Get him right for preseason.


Tuesday arvo the club usually does its medical report I think. Be interesting to see if the club puts any spin on it. Probably still may of done it anyway but wonder if the change of boots only minutes early contributed to it


He did seem to slip slightly as tried to change direction and lay off


Yeah. Not sure if it’s BS or not but was told that he played a couple of minutes in long stops and then asked the trainer to bring out the short stops because the ground was drier than he had anticipated and he felt he good get more speed from the other boots


There is no telling with hamstrings. I’ve done them over extending and I’ve them changing direction suddenly. If he did slip and cause the muscle to change what it was doing with load on it it could certainly explain the ping.


I get it now this is a boy’s joke.


Actually it’s a joke for everyone, there is no misogyny on this site…!!


Sort of. Bad joke, more like it.


Oh my.


5-6 weeks just as I had heard


Raz out for 5-6 weeks with his hammy


just shoot me now blud.


the 5th week falls on a Sunday…which is the first week of the finals…he could play that game if all goes well.


He will be back for the 2nd week of finals.


Just did a quick bit of google research for grade 2 hamstrings. Basically anything from 4-8 weeks is the general consensus. Thus the quoted 5-6 seems logical. Crow did mention a grade 2+ injury so not sure if that means at the more serious end of the grade 2. Likely come back will be if we make a semi final at a guess. Hope for the miracle recovery.