#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


I will accept 50% error, so long as it is +50% and not -50%!


Probably the worst caller I have ever heard.


not sure this has been mentioned - Raz went into the middle in the last qtr and had a beautiful clearance - one that not many at Ess can execute. it was one of may fave plays of the game.


A few years ago I would’ve said Kade Simpson. Still a good player (FarkCarlton).

Pops Kelly?


uhhh need to watch more teams. I just remember simpson because he’d be BOG for them almost every time we play them.


Geelong did do him over physically, not surprising with Chris Scott as coach, I will be happy if Cale is there next time, wouldn’t mind Francis or Smack being there either, and Joe is more physically developed this year too.

Hopefully the umpires will do their job though, a couple of more goals from free kicks would be the best remedy (I can dream).


Prior to that game against WC in 93 I couldn’t stand him. I was in Lorne and listening on the radio. We weren’t going too well so at half time I switched from lo to aw and didn’t go back for the rest of the year.

I can understand why people would find Rex’s schtick irritating but as long as we weren’t trailing or weren’t playing I found it entertaining.


Rex was alright early doors, I really enjoyed him in the, “Galloping Gasometer” days.

Got a bit carried away with his own hype as he went on though.


Ya should be at the cricket!


Agree. He ended up listening to his own hype and becoming a parody of himself.


Laird for me


How good is this guy? He’s just as good as Eddie Betts imo,


It’s great to have this feeling about one of our small forwards for a change, and legit have opposition fans ■■■■■■■■ themselves every time we play them


Not only he’s a dead eye in front the sticks but also is quick and has a cheeky swagger about him.

I love him.


Not quite yet… but he is heading in that direction and getting closer by the game.

There was some media over the pre-season that had him stating that Eddie was one of the players he was trying to model his game on.


I don’t think a comparison needs to be made.
They really are different players.
No harm in looking to the best small forward in the competition for inspiration, but he already does some things better.
Longer kick.
Faster in a straight line, and that’s important.
Better contested mark.

He’s going to kick seven in a game one day soon, and his opponents will say, ‘How the hell did that happen?’
It’ll probably happen by him kicking 2,3,1,1.
He’ll murder them before they notice he’s even in the room.


Worth noting that Fanta kicked 29 in his third year. Something betts did not better until his 5th and that is despite playing most games in his first 2 years which Fanta did not.

Fanta had kicked 40 from his first 29 games. Betts kicked 39 from his first 40


When they start double teaming Raz, then Tippa: Green or daniher will be lose and we need to honour there leads.

i imagine opposition will send an extra back in the hole to stop Raz leading up the centre corridor.


Such a good problem to have.

How good does our movement into the forward line look this year?


Let’s wait a few years to make that call, eh?


Betts is a pretty good contested mark for his size. They’re probably pretty comparable there.

I reckon Fantasia leads better though. He leads at the ball carrier better than any forward since Lloyd, and with his speed, it’s pretty hard to stop.

He also has that Betts thing going on, where you just put it in his general direction, and watch the goals happen.