#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


I’ve got no issue with seeing him play some midfield minutes, however he has the potential to inherit the title of best small forward in the game from Betts, which is a great luxury to have on your list.


■■■■■■ great again today, really should of had 5 but for the shank on the HT siren. Gives us a bit when he goes into the middle for bursts aswell. Love that he gives out a bit of lip aswell.


Just a lazy 4 for the dazzle.


No need to go in the middle. We beat Collingwood. Yes Collingwood for clearances


we are much better when Raz runs through the middle. speeds us up significantly.
should be a team rule that either he or Tippa are in the middle at any given time.


seems to be faster than most players and even reacts faster, incredibly good in the midfield


Crumbing, goal sneaking, contested marking, prolific goal kicking, forward/mid with ten tonnes of attitude.

I love this guy.


This guy is as good as Dusty Martin in a one on one contest in the forwardline.

Doesn’t know the meaning of “out of position”.


Kicked 4 and it wasn’t even one of his best. Love him.


He ran through the middle once or twice, didn’t he? Such a great weapon when you have a such a multitude of smalls that you can use one of them through the middle from time to time.


indeed. you can’t miss it.


I felt like Bruce with that question I responded to you with. :slight_smile:


I think its safe to say Ace loves his 2nd son more than his first.

Poor John Butcher.


This guy is going to shatter JD’s 43 snags from last year.

It’s so weird having a forward who can consistently kick bags.


Great to have a small forward who has just a instinct for goal and can kick accurately. Future star!


Just a ■■■■■■ ripper, love him.


I watched him really closely today. His ability to use his (not huge) body at his age to protect a position is amazing. He also knows exactly where the ball will fall so knows where to be. So glad he extended his contract.


Yep, he protects the space so freaking well.


He’s got such good footbal smarts its just unbelievable. He just knows exactly where the ball is going to land / bounce / drop which is the hallmark of any great small forward.

He’s a star. Hes also the AA forward pocket (along with Eddie) if they named the side tomorrow.


My favourite moment was when he kicked that goal in the last and went straight up to shove and give lip to the Pies bloke who bumped him after he missed the shot on half time.