#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Keeps his feet in so many contests.


Raci…oh wait…no…yes…oh I don’t know.


Haven’t watched him this year but really wanted him over the off season. He can play.


Never looks surprised when he does something amazing. SWAG.


Made Guthrie look like a ■■■■■■■ Scania


As long as he is signed up I will be happy.


My boy


Signed on for 2 years a few weeks ago.


I look Jason Castangna from Richmond and think a poor mans Fantasia lol


Would have picked Essendon If it weren’t for Asaga.


His work running off the HBF was incredible in the last quarter, was instrumental in ways as important than kicking big time goals, so clean and quick at ground level


He’s reached “makes defenders legit ■■■■ themselves and give away poor free kicks” level.


Can’t remember the last time we had a small forward worthy of the oppositions best tagger…?

It threw their midfield I reckon.


I can’t remember the last time we had a small forward worthy of anything at all…

We now have 3 at once.


Davey was actually pretty good but mostly forgotten


I’m not basing this off anything other than vague memory, but the rule seems to be if Razzle kicks a goal in the first quarter… We win.


He was okay for about 5min but then ruined by injuries. His best asset was his defensive pressure. The 3 guys we have now aren’t just one dimensional defensive forwards. They are genuine small forward threats who can win their one on one’s, damaging when the ball hits the ground, AND provide excellent defensive pressure. And now they’re pushing into the midfield more and impacting around the stoppages (Walla particularly).


Love him. Absolute joy to watch him play footy - I still can’t believed we’ve finally found ourselves some small forwards!

IMO, one of Raz’s biggest strengths is his ability to bounce straight back up to his feet once he goes to ground/lays a tackle. It’s something Betts and Cyril do exceptionally well and always means that they’re never really out of the contest.


Guthrie IS a Scania. Prototype modern day bruise-free footballer…


Comparisons to Betts and Rioli are probably still a lttle premature but he’s certainly gaining ground fast.

One thing he does have on both is his ability to play through the midfield.

Saturday night he was lining up off the back of the square and wing at center bounces and was linking up through midfield with real pace. Has ability to turn a game if the game is in the balance.