#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


What was albert thurgood like ya withered tree?


I’ll just leave this here:



That tee so needs to fark off the BT pic and put a Fanta selling candy face on it.


Yes, Danger pls style with a voice cloud saying BT pls


One of the best, absolute rolls Royce…skills were unbelievable and he was a great mark for his size. 1999 what a year…that game winner v the Dogs on a Friday night from outside 50 was amazing


I was sure that was a pizz take.

It’s real? What the actual …?


I just love the razzle dazzle… That snap in the first was just magic. You expect this stuff from him every game now.


Second in the league for goal assists with 11.
So 19 goals and 11 assists which means he has directly been responsible for 30 goals in 8 games. Not too shabby at all


On course for CR7 like season stats


Absolute Star, pivotal player for us right now, love him.


That left foot snap - Phoarr!


■■■■■■ stoked when he has a quiet game but still ends up with 3.2, 1 goal assist and 9 score involvements. Was always a pretty reliable shot for goal but is now almost a lock when lining up for goal. His left has improved out of this world aswell, very few players in the comp would be capable of that left foot snap, was far harder than he made it look and that left foot pass over the top for Joe was quality also. He is going to kick a decent bag before the season is over


Has moved into the top 10 in the Coleman medal.

2nd best small forward in the game behind the great Eddie.


Didn’t he kick 6 against Lions?


Toby Green says hi although I’ll concede he’s probably more mid than forward these days. At any rate, that’s where Fanta is going anyway.


Imagine if we had Greene? I wanted him before he became a gun at but people kept telling me that he’s a ■■■■ kick. No way GWS would let him go now.


A new video from We Are Essendon.

Orazio Fantasia - The Italian Stallion


Raz is our go to guy when the game needs winning in the last. The bloke is absolute champion in the making.


Why would we want Greene when we have Raz?

The Raz and Joe show is the best. There are zero players I’d have across the entire league ahead of these 2. Except for Tippa.


He is a gun and so dangerous one on one. How he got to pick 55 is amazing.