#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


I miss Will Hams


Weitering has them all covered


Clearly sarcasm


I thought Raz was fantastic in the 1st half - he has a huge influence running both ways, pressure acts, team-thing etc.

and - his work rate is one of the highest on a constant basis - right up there with Zerret. doesn’t stop gut-running.

such an important player, even when not kicking bags.


He’ll end up an outside mid who will rest forward and kick goals.

That’s where he was in the 1st half yesterday.

Goalkicking midfielders?

Think him, think Langford.

I think that’s the plan :wink:


Those hands. Clunk city.


I forgot just how good his marking was.


He is Mercuri incarnate.


His work in around contests actually reminds me of younger skinnier Judd days in his ability to take two steps and be at full pace leaving everyone behind him.


He has a beautiful set of hands. Seems to have really long arms, always outreaching even taller opponents. It’s a really important part of his kit bag and makes him far more dangerous.


With, it seems, (& I hope) far less fragility of mind under pressure.


Except he’s faster and a better mark.

Those marks he takes in the fingers (no palms) are freakish.



They almost seem like they are going to slip through his hands, … then just stop.


He won’t get my heart until he gets goal of the year with a dislocated finger vs hawks.


Nah, Mercs was a great mark.


I was very aware of that when I made the statement above.


That tackle to set up Hooker’s first goal. Raz rubbed the Port bloke into the ground and offered him some advice. Liked it.


Was wondering who did that. Nice.


Also, Green came over for a bit of a spray too which I liked


There’s only 1 Mercuri. Never seen anything since. Not even close