#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


The upgrade I hope he has is in tank size. Mercuri’s only weakness


Apart from missing crucial goals that are total sitters when the pressures on you mean??


Raz and Tippa having stints in the centre as well as all four of Green, Raz, Tippa and Colyer being in a rotation as the ‘spitter’ (coming off the back of the square at centre bounces) has given us a better dynamic around the footy.

We are in a better position to spread from the contest if WE win the footy or conversely we are better able to close down space and apply pressure on the opposition ball carrier if THEY win it.

P.S. That was just supposed to be a general comment not replying to you frosty.


There’s something about the way he moves.


Attracts me like no other lover?


You miss one from close in late in a prelim and you’re whole career is defined by it?


It was more than one, or once, … and yeah,… unfortunately, despite his silky skills & brilliance,… whenever I think of Mercs,… they’re the 1st things that come to mind.

Probably moreso because it was so unlike him,… and you thought, “We’ve got this now, … It’s Mercs” … and then …


No crowd has ever made a noise like that since.


With Mercs, I always remember 2 or 3 great seasons. For the rest of the time, I thought he displayed Somerville-like levels of inconsistency.


That’s how you choose to remember a 200 game, dual premiership, chrichton medal winning champion?


Mercs was amazing for 7 or 8 years…when his brother passed he was never the same


You ■■■■ one goat…

Same deal, you lose one prelim final just about off your own boot against the SALAMIS


Still the loudest crowd noise I’ve ever heard at the 'G.


If you were standing on the MCG I would booo you


People talk like Mercs was having a set shot…


I think it’s both unfair and incorrect to single out Mercs for the 99 final loss.

Dean Wallis on the other hand… :wink:


I blame Alessio and Caracella as well for missing sitters
I blame Hardwick, Young and Moorcroft for roughing up Silvagni when we looked like we had the game won. Silvagni’s address to the players over this fired them up, allegedly.
I blame Somerville for hitting it down Bradley and Camporeale’s throats when he had Allan at his mercy in the last
I blame Lloyd, Rioli and Fletcher for missing gettable shots straight after we’d got out by 15 points in the third. Kick two of those and it’s game over


Rotations are good these days, hey. McGrath and McKenna very close to capable of coming from half back to do the same.


Fark the '99 prelim.


Why the fark did I come in here. Like I needed that today. Ffs