#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


I know, I’m so angry right now.


Why would you talk about the 99 prelim when you could be talking about the 2000 prelim?


I don’t think I cheered once that day. I just held my breath for four quarters and then let out a massive sigh of relief when the siren went.


How many Winny blues?




WTF is this ‘Disney’ thing?!?!?


A kink that it would seem Peos shares with old Micky Hutchence.


Personally enjoyed the qualifying final the most

(GF result aside)


“Fantasia” is a Disney movie…


Not quite, but I did have my belt ready to be a noose if the result went the other way.


Smashing Carlton by 45 points, and then hanging it on all the Carlton supporters that spent the week bragging that they’ll beat us in the Prelim again.

It was sweet vengeance.


I blame Glenn Manton


Parkin still managed to whinge about a non-free late in the first costing them the game.

Rama got away with a fairly blatant throw which ended in us kicking a goal at the City End.

Yeah…one goal is worth 45 points, and from memory, we eased down a lot late in the game.


We Took the pedal off in the last quarter. But you know, we had a grand final to play the following week.

Unlike Carlton who regard Preliminary finals as Grand finals.


If I wanted to feel like ■■■■ I’d go visit the Saga thread. Let’s stay positive and talk about Raz please


I agree. When do you guys think he’ll ask to be traded to Adelaide?


Me too.
About as good as footy can get; complete destruction & humiliation of the previous year’s (lucky) premier.


We had older guys/stars sitting on the bench in the second half, including Wallis who spent much of the second half in the shower and then got around in a dressing gown for the rest of the match



People actually call him ‘Disney’ though?


About time pick 2 in the 2006 draft came good.