#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


No '99 prelim no 2000 season


Sold a nice bit of candy there

Hi ho Orazio!


Overdue for a bag of 4+


I don’t mind if he doesn’t hit the scoreboard if he keeps having a similar impact between the arches


Def been playing higher up ground. In at more centre bounces etc.

That play he was involved in getting on end of ball at back of square, one two with Zac, and then streaming through centre was awesome.


At McDonalds?


Fanta with the meal?




A minority. I’ve heard it a few times in the outer and my mates Mrs like to roll with it. Personally I reckon it’s better than “Razzle Dazzle” which like many footy nicknames is rather unimaginative.


If ever there was a guy who didn’t need a nickname…



I like that.


I feel like him and Tippa have swapped roles almost. I’m convinced Tippa must have some kind of injury that isn’t allowing him to run as well and as quick as he has in the past, so they’re sitting him up alot deeper while Raz gets more of a run up field.


I feel he’s been out of form recently. Needs to get the razzle dazzle back


Go back and watch the first qtr of the Port game, bloke was on fire.


Disagree strongly.

Sure, he isn’t spending as much time forward kicking goals… and yes the opposition are focusing heavily on him which is limiting his impact a minor amount. But I don’t think there is any part of the bloke that is out of form. Kids a jet, and playing like one.


he was one of our best last week when the game was won. Huge impact even when not scoring goals. both ways.




As Woosha himself says, it will be his turn again soon enough.

The key is we have 6 dangerous forwards which means they have to stop them all to stop us scoring; and even better, Raz can draw defenders out of our forward line by playing further up the field, creating more space, and as an added bonus improve supply to the other forwards with Raz’s blistering run, carry and delivery.

I think that our game plan is pretty half back line centric, playing players back and creating congestion and turnovers and speeding the ball into our forward line at a rapid rate. It will be interesting if we can create enough space for free scoring at the SCG.


The one benefit not having a strong midfield this year is our capacity to work on this alternative game plan(“half back line centric”).

Obviously going forward we will want to start winning more ball from center but at worse our current setups have allowed us the ability to really refine our run and spread from defence which is going to really hurt opposition in transition.

We know that if we are getting flogged in the guts we can revert back to a different formation and expose the opposition on the break. It’s something you see a lot in soccer.

Your assessment above nearly played out against Sydney. We finally broke down there wall late in the third and should have continued to run away with it. I think they will learn a lot from it.



Should’ve had six.