#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


9 goals against Collingwood this year.


Gave that Maynard bloke the paddlin’ he deserved



But seriously is he not the most talented swagalicious guy we’d had on our list in forever? Talented af and an annoying little ■■■■ too.


I blame koutafides for playing one of the best quarters of footy in history


Can someone please GIF that handball dummy fake to get Goldsack in the air and the breakaway to get passed him and another opponent bearing down on him to open up the face and slot it on three quarter time.



Love the fact they tried to rough him up today and he kicked 5. Then told them all about it!


Get a BIG DOG up ya Maynard


Was great today. Probably going to get suspended, which sucks.


Kicked 32 goals so far this year. Could get 50 which would be ridiculous.


for that back hander?

I doubt it.

Fine at the very most.


Zaharakis was the first player in something like 40 reports to get suspended for a gut punch, so colour me cynical.


No way he gets suspended for that. Fine at most


High contact, low impact, reckless.
6 weeks.


Just found out from the club website interview he lives with Carlisle and they are good mates.




6 weeks


Hes a tough little ■■■■ for a skinny fella!!!
Goes for contested marks too!


If Orazio is suspended then Greenwood should be deregistered from the AFL.


Agree. He wasn’t looking at him, but had his arm out to slow him up from running past. Hoskin-Elliott virtually collected his hand


Terrific game. Love the way he annoys the opposition, like the way JOEDAN and Hooksey look out for him. Great game.