#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia




They call me “Razzle Dazzle” …

Nuff sed.


Another 4 goals and could of have 5 or 6.
With Betts having his appendix out last night and missing 1-2 and Greene suspended for 2 he has a huge chance to push for that AA spot which would be amazing


Betts is a certainty for one spot, they’ll squeeze Robbie Gray into the other spot. Nothing surer!

Three talls - probably FRAAAAAAAANKLIN, JoeDan and Tex Walker. Maybe Sideshow Ben.

Three smallers - usually one of them a mid like D Martin.


I was just thinking this. A solid next couple of weeks and I guess it’s outta Raz and Robbie Gray


I think he’d need 40 goals in 5 weeks to oust Gray. There’s that way that incumbents get a gig regardless, and Gray’s had a big year.


… that target seems reasonable.


You’d think Gray would spend more time in the midfield with Wingard gone for 3 weeks


Doesn’t change the first 15 weeks


I wouldn’t say Robbie Gray has had a great year. He’s had s few good games but well below his best IMO


He’s kicked 36 goals so far, incredible effort. Before last year it would have won the goal kicking every year for a decade.


Are you serious? Lol


He has kicked 40 already this season.

He just hasn’t kicked 50 and got 30 touches a week like he did a few years ago so I think a lot of people have just assumed he has had an average year.

He has just played forward a lot more.

Still had a great year so far.


Quotes from Green on radio last Saturday (I think on MMM):
“… they call me razzle dazzle”
“He speaks about himself in the third person!”


Playing injured.


Are his possession numbers down? Just seems like he has been playing forward more than in previous years?


haven’t looked at numbers but the talk is that he is carrying some OP, thus playing forward more.


Shat myself. Thought you were talking about Raz.


I blame Kevin Sheedy for not respecting Carlton enough and getting his players up for the game. Carlton were switched on and our players were dreaming about next week.


C’mon mate, you’re not illiterate. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t mean it. I’m not saying he’s a ■■■■ player, what I’m saying is based on Robbie Grays potential I don’t think he’s had a great year.