#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Remember a couple of months ago when Port Adelaide offered us a third round pick for Fantasia.

They really are a bunch of nuffies.


It would only be speaking about himself in the third person if he said, for instance:
“Razzle dazzle likes his chicken spicey!!!”


Anyone who says Robbie Gray hasn’t had a good year and isn’t a lock for the AA team in the forward line hasn’t watched Robbie Gray play this year


Well he’s just kicked the winning clutch goal :joy:


One game and one kick does not define a season?

I can’t believe you’re still waffling on about this guy lol


Still waiting for Raz to kick 8 in a game.
It’s gonna happen some time.
Today would be nice.


I remember when one of ours kicked 8 against Footscray late in the season… he missed out on the grand final win and got rather annoyed at us.

To be fair, there was no way we weren’t going to play Watson.

Say it ain’t so!


You’re in the nostalgia zone this morning!


Actually, for whatever reason, I have zero memories of that round 22 game.


August 14.


Huh. Even more reason to label Kickett out of form, then.


See also: Patrick Ryder and Ruck spot.


Agree on Robbie, not on Paddy.
Although that tap will probably be enough to get it for him.
Grundy for mine, and I know it’s not sexy but I actually rate Jacobs over Ryder.
Probably forgetting someone, too.


Kreuzer has had a fantastic season as much as I hate to say it


Ryder is clearly the best tap ruckman in the game imo. By a fair margin too.

But, the fact that he does little other than that should count against him, considering how many other tricks he has. The way he uses the ball and can take contested grabs, he should rip games apart, but he doesn’t.


He’s actually looked like a #1 pick this year.

Some bugger will have a taps to advantage stat that will show Ryder leading by about 10% just to annoy me.


I remember another one of ours kicking 8 against the dogs late in the season a bit more recently, he ended up pretty unhappy at the club as well


I’m thinking of another bloke who kicked 8 for us and I’ve decided that Raz should kick 9.


10. Darren Bewick.


That was a great game (except for poor Longy).
But it wasn;t what I was thinking of.
I’d take an opening quarter like that game today, though.

(recalls being locked out for most of that quarter and hurrumphs)