#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


l was there also, Bewick never looked like missing.


Grundy yep. Forgot about him. And I suppose Kreuzer has been good too. I retract my Ryder statement…


Shows how much the kid has come when most are saying he was poor today despite having his highest possession game of the year, kicking 2.1 and having 9 scoring assists. I still think we waste him at times and can’t be letting him go 15-20 minutes without seeing the ball. Would love to see him start at a few more centre bounces and use his run and carry to get us going


Boris kicked 9 that night

Poor Kyle, everyone forgets him


Would like to know his set shot accuracy at ethiad compared to MCG. Is a dead eye at the G but a bit wayward at ethiad.


Easy. You may not find the answer as statistically significant as your puny human mind recalled, though.

MCG 26.15
Docklands 28.19

In Queenland 7.0
Other interstate 8.14


Joe no go anywhere but Queensland Victoria.


I reckon he has developed a bit of a habit of missing his first shot for the game.


Barnz no go to the right thread.


pfft, heaps of people carry on arguments across threads, i’ll carry on misreading across them as well.


I agree that Hooker stays forward despite the inaccuracy this week.


Then he usually gets a crumb snap goal almost minutes after the straight set shot miss.


Yeah, but if he’s fit, he should play, despite looking like a corgi.


He’s so obviously cooked. No way he plays on next season.


Had a good one in the ressies. Hope he comes back in this week, he frees Hurley up.


I reckon he’s been super damaging coming off the back of the square hitting the centre bounce pack at full pace.


Hmm… checks topic heading.… hmm… Where the hell am I?


Doesn’t look good. Hope it is only a short term hammy.


Do those exist at Essendon?

Fark we need this guy.