#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Doc Larkins reckons “high grade” hammie.

Season over.


thats doc larkins speak for hell play next week


3-4 minimum. Season over


Not good. He’s too important for us.


aww crap


First AFL final is five weeks away.


It would be such a shame to see his season end prematurely.

His 38 goals this year would have topped our club goal kicking every year between 2009 and 2015.


FFs ffs


This is all the Bbb crews fault, DON’T YOU GET HOW THIS WORKS? :cry:


Anyone remember when he soccered through that goal last week? He grabbed the back of his leg straight after.


I only watch games for Orazio, so that’s my year done.


I do remember that.

If that’s the case and it’s the same leg then that’s extremely poor management by the fitness staff, surely that stuff is well tested and any weaknesses you just wouldnt take the risk, especially with such an explosive player.


I thought Raz collided with the goal post and that’s why he grabbed at his leg


Yep it wasnt a hammy last week. He had to pivot to avoid smashing into the post. Didnt quite achieve that.


Not sure we can cover Raz out of the team :frowning:


Don’t expect him back this year even if we make finals. They expect it to be BAD when he has the scans tomorrow. Probably one of a handful of players we cannot replace.


Question, is he still a contender anyway for AA with 38 goals?


Anyone have any good ideas about who could replace him? Should we consider just replacing him with another small pacey type as primarily defensive forward? Who would fit that bill in our current list?,
OR Just thinking left field here, Kelly comes in and obviously plays back, maybe Gleeson goes forward?
His marking has improved out of sight this year and isnt a bad kick, defensive game is good too


I did this.

I remeber thinking just beofre the game we were screwed for the finals if one of JD, Hooker, Raz or Tippa went down.

Feel free to perma-ban.


Joey’s knee worries me every week too, that hyper extension yesterday scared the hell out of me