#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Was close but won’t be now…maybe AA squad.


McGrath to come in and play the Raz role.


Plays on Betts,

Not only is he best fit, he learns most.


Reckon Bags will get first crack at Betts.


Might be a good week to run Mcgrath as a mid if Zach gets rubbed out


I also would give McGrath a crack on Betts. Id love to see him get the challenge


BBB. Honestly makes the most sense as far as replacement go, especially with jerrett down. Goal kicking small who has played midfield (albeit probably wouldn’t be there much in the ones). Not the same speed of course, but hey, goals.

Can’t wait to see hocking as the in for Fanta though.


MCG held him goalless early on in the season for memory after Betts had kicked 4 or 5 on Bags


If we make finals he will play. Can we get there without him though im not quite sure


I’d consider Stants to replace him. I know he’s not a real goal kicker etc, but his experience should hold him in good stead as a high half-forward.



I’m sure that’ll end well.


Not so sure. Have heard it’s worse than first thought and may be closer to 4-5 weeks


Redman. Has a similar amount of dash and dare, and can play that run off half back role that Raz has been playing of late as well as go up forward. Has played well in the VFL for a while now too.


Absolutely correct mate. My info is that it’s worse than garden variety hammy. Done for the year is the mail, regardless if we make finals.


Feel so sorry for him (& the team!) He’s worked so hard & become an inspirational game changer for us. Hoping he recovers faster than expected.


Of course it is.

■■■■■■■ typical.


That’s really disappointing. However, I actually think we’ve been pretty lucky with injuries this year when compared to other teams.


Hammie on ice. Hit the gym. Cya in the midfield in 2018 oraazzziooooo


Putting RAZ in the midfield would be like taking a really good banana and putting it in a blender with a bunch of average bananas and then realising this analogy isn’t as accurate or succinct as you hoped when you started it.