#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Stants to replace Raz. :weary::anguished::open_mouth::scream::thinking:

The similarities are uncanny


Lucky is not getting injuries just prior to the finals!


Actually it kind of works for me


So are they amputating?


Please don’t break him. Please, please, please don’t break him.


They did the procedure on Saturday, to give him the best possible chance of coming up for Week 1 of the Finals…


Procedure? That doesn’t sound good.


Long for me.


I’m glad to hear that they did that. Attend to the injury as soon as possible rather than fighting two days of swelling and all the rest and then treating it on Monday. Still if this is high grade which is what the talk seems to be, it will still be challenging for him to be back by week 1 of the finals


I’d love to see this. Big call but he is the most like for like we have


No one on our list can really replace Fanta. So it’s a ‘shuffle’.


Don’t rush him, get it right. More important that he get a good preseason. If we make a prelim and he’s been in full training for two weeks then look at him.


I’d be hopping mad if they did that to me after straining a hammie!


Ah I get it now!


Sometimes, winning; is just NOT everything. And; playing with injuries etc, taking one for the team, manning up, can often make the problem worse, not better. Like Zerrett on Saturday, the ducks are starting to line up for us not to play finals.

I hope the club do the right thing by Fanta, and DO NOT bring him back early to play finals.


Um err, something has been missed in translation methinks.


It looked like a 4 week injury to me.


What’s missing? Hasn’t Fanta got quite a serious hamstring injury??? Why on earth would the club risk a talented young player, trying to fix him quickly only so he can play finals, in a few weeks. Running the risk of doing it again.


I’m still gutted over this.


Me too he is my Favourite player :sob: