#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Fanta don’t have no spud in him!


Yep. Choice.


I don’t care how much I like Fantasia.

I’m not eating pizza with potato on it.


Your loss buddy.


bltn loves a SALAMI pizza with some potato.


Impressive salami pizza.


You will when you find out what “potato” often refers to in Italian…




patatina innit


I just thought it was badly worded. I think they meant: would miss the start of a potential finals campaign.


I just worked out who he reminds me of…Kevin Bartlett! Only he’s not a flog!


Certainly no razzle dazzle in that pizza


Didn’t even feel like Essendon without Orazio out there.

I miss him so much already.


How many kids his age sit in the box when injured? I always has the impression it was usually captains/veterans… rapid rise for the Raz


Had the pen out too…shouldve made more changes!


The players are literally coaching themselves.


I saw Razzle Dazzle at the VFL striding up a set of stairs. My knees give me grief when I go up stairs these days but this dude has just had surgery on the hammy and does not seem to be affected one bit, no limp, no signs at all. I reckon he’ll be back sooner than we think.


And I saw the opposite movement: walking down the ramp into the rooms. Surely one of those actions would be frustrating? Nope, he good.


Hope Hambo is right. We need him!


Going down hill uses the hammy wouldn’t it?