#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


I think that’s what he’s saying. Up stairs and down ramps isn’t effecting him.


I read it as he struggled to go down the ramp.


No problem walking down the ramp.


2019 it is then!


He had surgery on his hammy???


I don’t think so. I think it may have been a misunderstanding caused by someone posting a pic of Raz with an amputated leg which was misinterpreted by a small but surprisingly large number of people.


TBH I read in this thread that he had undergone a “procedure” but I don’t actually have any other source so you’re probably right calling me out on that one. Nevertheless he looked very relaxed.


Great, just was a bit concerned. As soon as you have surgery on your hammy that is a 12+ week injury.

I don’t expect Raz to play any part in the H&A season, but he will definitely be in the team for round 1 of the finals, if we make it.


Trained today.
St Francis has healed him!


This guy any chance for finals? Surely we can try and get him up. 2 more weeks off before finals, we badly need him.


Yeah, there is a bye before the finals and I hope beyond hope he gets up


With green going down… lets hope it was a 4 week hammy, that they can get right in 3… we are going to need him if we make finals.

Seriously sad watching Ess games without him…


Roaming Orazio!


I’ve totally zoned out since he got injured.


He’ll be back for our first final, already running again. Got 3 full weeks now left to get cherry ripe given the bye between last round and finals.


A real blessing for us that bye week.And not just on Raz’s account.


Some chance to play the first final should we take care of business this Sunday.


Whoever we play first week will be ■■■■■■■■ their pants about a fit, rest Razzle Dazzle coming back into the team.


Plonk him in the forward half for the first final to get his legs back. His mate Walla can take it and deliver to him from the middle. Then he can move into the middle against the Tigers in the semi.


James Fantasia