#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


This guy is the difference between thinking we’ll lose by 10 goals and thinking we can win. Please come in.


Fantasia is the type that would be busting his gut just to get up to play finals. He’d love that kind of atmosphere.

If we go into finals with Fantasia in the team, I’ll be very very happy.


Progressing. Will need to pass a fitness test


No alternative but to BHI without a game in the VFL,
If he is fit, roll the dice ? I recon we should.

We dont have many elite players, and he is one of them.


no doubt. if he passes a fitness test he’s in. underdone or not.


As soon as I saw we had the bye week (I thought they scrapped it) my excitement level for finals jumped massively as I figured Raz will make it back.

He makes a massive difference to our side. IMO he moves us from an okay side to an electrifyimg side. 4 or so goals different.


Upped his running today. Completed part of the warm up then upped his loads on the other oval. Seems a good chance to get up.


Hammy cost him an AA



Looks OK, but I dont think he will be trying another sidestep when running at 0.9x light speed any time soon.






Won’t cost him premiership medal though


Going about 50% by the looks.

A week to go. Massive if he gets up. One of a bunch of players we have that could win the game off his own boot.


Should be doing the hyperbariac chamber.


Going at 80%


Which is still better than plenty going at 100%


Watson wishes he could go at Razza’s 50%




This is a thing that needs to happen.