#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia




Rewatching the Sydney game Razzle was the thing that split them open.

He is a must if we are a chance.


He was also the one that didnt follow rampe who got that kick to rohan :stuck_out_tongue:
Im sure if he had his time over he wouldnt be doing that again


hopefully he will.


Jeez I hope he is fit to play.

Our best team has Raz, Tippa and Green in it because of both actual and implied pressure they generated. We just look a bit on the ordinary side of exciting without Raz and Green in there


Anyone see raz’s thread and parish’s thread and just get madison avenue stuck in their head?


I remember their hit song Don’t Call Me Razzle Dazzle like it was yesterday.


Had they previously confirmed he had surgery. Or did I hear wrong in the skins report just now?


Did not iirc.


I think you’re hearing wrong. I just listened to it twice and there was no mention of surgery


May have said ‘5 weeks post injury’, kids in the room, haven’t re listened yet


Yep he did


blaming the kids instead of your pingas?


Off the pingas. Fun while it lasted, will keep a few in the top draw for when we win in a month


Some highlights from 2016 and 2017 to get you in that Razzle Dazzle mood. Put on some soft background music, turn down the lights and let yourself be titillated by the sublime skills of Fantasia.

He kicked 1.4 last time against Sydney. Here’s hoping he turns that around, and some, for this game.


Tried hard today did raz but had a tough day. May see him more through the midfield next year. Wish there was more than one of him.


Him not doing a string the only positive was worried he might re-injure it again in the speed and heat of the game.


He just wasn’t ready. Injury came at the worst time.


Yep took him 2 quarters to get into the game


Not like we had the ball in our fwd line much though. They had 22 inside 50’s more than us.

We were stuck in our defensive half for most of game