#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


coming off a 5 week injury. Forget the weekend and celebrate a season.

He is now up there Eddie Betts.

Bigger and Better next year.


Thought he played a decent game - Starved of opportunities in the first half and got us moving in the second half when he got midfield time.


Had a great year. Started where he left off in 2016. Is the type of player Essendon has been crying out for since Darren Bewick retired: an attacking, cheeky goal sneak with pace to burn.
Good overhead for his size and accurate. Makes defenders nervous.


Razzle Dazzle.


Imagine if we get the package next to him, BT will go off…I went there!


Going off for 42 seconds…


And he still got it wrong.

He will enjoy doing the Fanta-seeeeeeee-a though.



Stringer and Raz is going to be a pretty amazing combo. Also how fkn good is Tippa’s off ball work.


Man, what a jet. Our forward line was already looking great before Stringer and Smith.


Wasn’t always when he was near goal that he was most dangerous. Especially in the Port game, the way Raz was linking up at half back and then attacking through the centre was breaking the opposition apart. Great above his head and on the lead. Terrific!!!


Anyone else notice how Josh Green is in a lot of other player’s highlights? Intredasting…


Ever notice how how Josh Green doesn’t have his own highlights video? Intredasting…


Still lament this guy going down when he did. Strongly believe the season may have gone differently if Raz, Hooker and Hurley stay fit in that last month heading into finals.

Reckon there is a good chance Raz and Stringer will rotate and work off each other…

Still can’t believe how many options we have at ‘small’ forward… after so many years starved we now seem to have an abundance… lol remember when we were thinking of trying baguley as a SF in desperation? And hocking… and howlett…


Remember when everyone would get excited when Davey would come back from and injury?


and with Courtney Johns, Laycock and Gumby


Yes, the good old days where Monfries would top the goal scoring at 30 odd for the season.


Given our lack of scoring power up forward for the last decade, it’s amazing we have 4 of the top crowd-drawing goal-kicking cult-hero forwards in the whole league.


Honestly, other than Franklin and Betts there aren’t too many more exciting forwardline players people would rather come watch.


If we get our midfield right we will win the next ten flags.


Does anyone know why he isn’t joining in with the outdoor pre season training?
I guess that it is his hamstring that they want to get right. But if so, I worry about how bad it was, and whether he should have played in the final.
An optimistic version might. Be that he is doing a lot of strengthening work on it before subjecting it to the stress of pre season running loads.
Does anyone know any details, or have any knowledge of the science?