#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Yep, I concur… we’d all love to know.


Tex Walker is pretty exciting to watch…only not in a Grand Final though.


No mention of Fanta on the injury report from the AFL website.




Should have bundled him up with Francis while they were worth something


Damn I was gonna say that




Joey barely had a preseason last year (origin of panic dollars), so I’m not going to worry about Fant a just yet.


Perfect timing to be injured.


Are you saying we have to worry about JD’s lack of a pre season carrying over to this year as well!

First fanta and now Joey. RIP 2018





How the hell could it be his hammy?


I’m all about Orazio hype in 2018.

He’s a year older and a year better.

He may be a part of our better midfield. He may be kept in the forward line.

Has the potential to be an exceptional wingman.

Has the potential to be the best small forward in the game if we leave him there.

There’s a real chance he will be All-Australian this year.

Thanks to @jonovdp for the format proudly stolen from the Joe Daniher thread.


only ten???


Between Joe and Raz we will be the youngest list by far.


I was trying to keep a lid on it.


Tippa, Raz and Smith are going to make for a very formidable forward/mid rotation. Can’t wait


As I’ve said before, if he’s not your favourite player then you’re doing supporting wrong.

He’s a stone cold gun. Potential to be top 20 players in the comp (maybe higher).


Trying not to disagree but we kinda have a lot of options for fave player right now… JD has potential to be the best player in the league… we have only just scratched the surface of talents like McGrath and Parish… Walla is a pure joy to watch… McKenna is only in his 2nd season and has unlimited potential… not to mention how guys like smith, saad and stringer go

All the while you still have to ignore guys like Hurley, Heppell, Goddard and Hooker who have shown the ability to be elite over a number of seasons…

So yeah maybe I’m “doing supporting wrong” but I reckon there is plenty of love to go around…


I’d add Zerrett to the list as well. He’s pretty close to my fave as well.

Also, in what way is McKenna only in his second season?