#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Fkn A


Fence sitter.




Until Raz can regularly jump on people’s heads and kick goals from 70m out, Joey is always going to come out on top for me


While I understand the sentiment we have a few players who are human highlight reels that you could very well say the same thing about.


I think Orazio will prove this season that he is waaaay more than just a human highlight reel.


Hang my head in shame for not mentioning zerrett… whoops!


He’s my favourite, but that’s because I do supporting right.


The bloke has sooo many stings to his bow. He is pure talent + has the desire to be the best he can be. Playing him off half back (2015 rnd 22 against the Pies - smashed it) or through the midfield or up forward - he’s a match winner. Having him spend more time in the midfield this year is going to be dynamic. Another piece of the ever expanding depth Essendon are building in the guts.


There’s absolutely no doubt he is an exceptional small forward. Thing is he could just as easily be a wingman who averages high twenties and rips sides to shreds. He plays a one two by hand better than anyone on the list. I’d like to think he could be both and still kick 30 + a year.


Finding the right balance of mid/fwd time for Smith, tippa, Fanta and even Zaha is going to be one of the really interesting side shows this year


Y’know…if he ends up kicking 5-600 goals as a small forward and plays bugger-all midfield, I’d be kind of okay with that.


Agree completely. He’s extremely underrated as a midfielder. There were a lot of games in the last two years where we’ve been struggling in the middle and then turned it around after he was sent to a wing.

I see him as your (vintage) Steve Johnson type - the explosive midfielder who also kicks 35 odd goals a year. I think he’d be more valuable in that role than kicking 45-50 a year as a small forward.


I remember thinking this about Z Merrett.

I was wrong.


You should go back in time and slap yourself, then.
Zerrett was the midfieldiest midfielder that ever midfielded before he’d even played a senior game.


Crystal ball

Out of stringer, smith, walla & raz. What’s the order of total goals and fwd/mid percentage in your opinion?


Thinking more Mercuri pre family tragedy




Midfield time



I can certainly understand that sentiment. I guess the modern game requires most small forwards to push all the way to half back so it’s probably a moot discussion anyway.


A hashtag genius who turns it over under absolutely zero pressure by trying a hashtag genius party trick kick?