#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


It’s moments like these you realise how highly you value Raz.

Significantly hurts our chances if he goes down.


So whos account is the one logged in on the comp behind raz??


I KNEW you were part of the clubs medical team


We sure it was quad and not gut? 5 of the boys were away from training with gastro. Zaka said on the news tonight.


There’ll be no stopping it.
I can see this blotting the clubs health record.
It’ll be interesting to see who’s hands are stained when this blows over.


More ■■■■ puns.


Puns or runs?

It’d be a good time right now to work out which one of those five blokes was the quickest.


Did someone say Pun Run? I got the man for the job…


Had knee surgery today, will miss 3-4 weeks :cry:


That’s not good.


Bugger, hopefully a round 3 or 4 return to be firing for the big win on Anzac Day!


farken fark



■■■■ me things were looking so good for rd 1 with every one fit and firing.


I’m here to invest my panic dollars. Which que shall I jump in?

Seriously though. It could be worse. Were they saying he’d miss 3-4 weeks? Is that code for 2 months?


Fantasia sidelined
March 8, 2018 2:05 PM

Essendon forward Orazio Fantasia has undergone a procedure on his knee on Thursday.

Fantasia was suffering from friction in his knee and Essendon Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow said the procedure was the best option.

“Orazio has recently had ITB friction that has been causing him knee pain and had a procedure today to address it,” Crow said.

“The intervention went to plan and following these procedures players usually take 3-4 weeks to recover.”

Fantasia booted 39 goals from 20 games for the Bombers in 2017.


Fit yes… but who is firing?


Haha no one


Megadeth fan?


Geez. Surgery for ITB?!

I thought that could be easily managed with massage and strength conditioning of the medial band.