#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Alright, off I go on a 3-4 week G.O.B forget-me-now bender.


I suppose only missing Raz from a full line up isn’t too bad.


So if its been recently, and if you go by club lingo, ‘a knock and will be back soon’ is like 3 months, so why are we only doing this surgery now?


Seems like weeks they spent zeroing in on the problem, first a quad ???, then a hammy???, now iliotibial band friction !

Interesting. Its quite common.

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is the most common injury of the lateral side of the knee in runners, with an incidence estimated to be between 5% and 14%. [5] (level 1A)




At this rate we will have no one left at Round 1.



Lock Josh Green in then


This is a little weird, isn’t it?



Massive Loss, our second best forward


Is this another case of it’s been a problem for weeks and we’ve waited? I hope not


We didnt kneed this.


Spot on I reckon wob. Pretty sure the same occurred for Mutch and Laverde too,…


procedure, procedure procedure…

Can’t say surgery?


Apparently aiming to be back for the Dogs game


That’s exactly what’s happened!
Been a problem during the preseason.
Why wait until now?
Given Essendon will need all hands on deck early


Bring in Big Boi, then Fantasia slots back in when ready.

We are going no-where if we persist with Green.


Fark. Tough start to the season starting to look tougher by the week.


Hocking last year…

modified program then on the eve of r1 nah surgery is the best avenue…


Sometimes it’s apparently an “intervention”.

Did they kidnap his knee for deprogramming, or was it the non surgical Filipino faith healing?