#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia




Liddddd Onnnnn


Second guessing the medical department?

Last year was one of the best years we have had with injury for as long as I can remember!


100% cooked.




A changing of the guard.



However better than a quad or hammy issue which was being rumoured. Just a little clean up and should be sweet.

He’s a match winner so can’t afford to have him out too long. At least we have Jackson Merrett as cover! Might rise from the dead like Smack :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Put a line through this season already.


Any chance we can get the injuries thread back?


We had a pretty good run with injuries last year compared to other clubs… so i wasnt going to happen two years in a row


This is ■■■■, this is soo ■■■■!


Anyone would think we are the only team with injuries! It’s part of the game. It happens every year, with every club.
He’s only gone a few weeks, not the year.
Time for someone else to have a shot at it til he’s back.


The club must have known for weeks that Fantasia was having some problems just sucks they decided to give him sugery now 2 weeks out from rd 1


If only there was a block of months where the players aren’t playing in which to do procedures like this instead of the eve of the season.


Doesn’t mean it’s not ■■■■.


We do seem to play the percentages badly in this situation.


Dosen’t sound like it’s too bad hopefully he only misses a couple.


If only players would have their injuries early in the preseason, so that they’ll be right for Rnd1. ■■■■■■ inconsiderate of them. As an added bonus, it would also stop all the farking childish ‘oh we waited till a few weeks before season starts for ops again’ ■■■■, by the Blitz Doctors.


Which best 22 players are confirmed as unavailable for round 1? By my count Fanta is the only 1


Shit) happens. :wink: