#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


We’re bringing in Alan Shearer?


Depends on opinion. I’m a fan of Colyer and Laverde.


Laverde is nowhere close to best 22. Colyer is arguable


You can guarantee this injury will be far longer than 3-4 weeks.

Same ■■■■, different year from the footy club.


If you are gunning for the title of most sarcastic Blitzer off @Paul_Peos, you are making some decent contributions lately :rofl:



That’s about it really


just stick a fork in this season. We are done. Pick 1 here we come


Having had this badly in my 20s, my understanding is that ITB isn’t that serious, much better than a soft tissue injury. It’s basically a tight muscle pulling the knee cap laterally. The inside of the knee cap hurts like a ■■■■ up and down stairs.

Not sure what the ‘proceedure’ is, but I’d be confident it’s nothing to intense and woyld be confident he’ll be good in a few weeks.


ITB isn’t serious. It won’t be any longer than that


Just a knock


Like on the door of the cabin in Evil Dead.


The missing 3-4 weeks with this knee issue isn’t a problem. The problem will be the pulled hammy in his first game back due to under-preparation.


“Don’t go getting any ideas about taking my spot, Greeny”


Hope you are right WOB.


Every f*cking reporter today was saying DeGoey was going to miss round 1.

I had no idea about Fantasia, until I seen a tweet from Cal Twomey. That was it.


I dunno. I reckon these 20-hour long, open knee surgeries with triple bypasses can be tricky… Thank god there’s prosthetics as a fall back.

“Ratz to make his comeback game against fark Carlton and kicks 7-goals with one leg and a prosthetic blade”.


Sounds like you were suffering kneecap pain as a result of a tight ITB. When they use the word ‘friction’ it’s generally some pain above and outside of the knee due to rubbing over the bony prominence. For those saying why not surgery straight away? 9 tines out of 10 if not more these would be managed successfully conservatively- if you had your way everyone would have surgery immediately for every issue.


I’m not touching this post with a one foot pole.


Wouldn’t say nowhere close, he played in the best 22 late last year after missing most the year through injury


Hope he’s back for the dogs. First game I can get to and I love the Raz. Get well soon.