#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


And did nothing for weeks on end, got passed by begley towards the back end and again proved he is injury prone this week pre season. I personally think he’s miles off it. A injury free run would be a good start


Remember in ‘96’ Bewick kicked 9 in his first game back after an acl against Geelong? that will be Raz


minor injury. he’ll be fine. and we will still get 18+ games out of him.


I still can’t believe Long is getting a main season game. And yes, it will be singular.







Talk Raz to me? Did he train?


Heard Harvey on the radio this morning say that he’s another 2-3 weeks away. So don’t expect him back next week.


reckon hes ready to go next week if it was anywhre but perth.


Must of had a slight setback as apparently was very close this week I was told during the week


Heard that too. Miss 5 scolded me for my language.


Any wins we have until he is back, will feel completely hollow.


■■■■ sake if its a setback. He’s been dealing with this since late last season.


Huge inclusion coming up for Freo game?



He won’t play till the Dogs at least.


I wouldnt take him to perth anyway.

Be handy for the dogs match


Happy our midfield looks so good that this bloke won’t need to go near it.