#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia




Any chance this week?




We’re going to ask this question every week thinking he’s just about ready to go til we realise its round 10 and he’s already missed half a season.

See Myers circa 2012.


You monster


Your accuracy depresses me Stallion


Would love to see him back this week but he is too important to be rushed at all.

Need to play it safe and we should account for Freo as is.

Save Raz for the week after at home vs Dogs


I still reckon this guy is the classiest player in our team, bar none.

They obviously rushed him back in last week against the Dogs, which they may not have done for a lesser player. You can see he is still building into some form and fitness but he has done a few things in both games that underline his natural skills and smarts that stand out in a team that probably lack a bit in that regard. That razor sharp handpass to Joe to set up the goal to Jake Stringer was one such example.

I suspect he will be one who will lap up the 10 day break between now and the ANZAC Day clash to get in a couple of conditioning sessions to get him feeling in A1 shape.


I thought he’d accidentally kicked the ball off the ground for that goal till I saw the replay… stunning how quick he picked it up and had it on the boot. Freak.




Yep, I think he is our best player.


Think our outside run will step up a notch when Raz gets back to full fitness in a few weeks.


He was at a fair few stoppages today which I think we’ll see more and more of. DYNAMIC!!

He has always said that he models his game on Robbie Gray. That wouldn’t be a bad result. Plug him up forward or in the midfield, wherever he’s needed most.


Did like the professional free he gave when he tapped the ankles of the Port player and tripped him over - slowing them down and allowing the team to get into position ahead of play.

Talented and smart footballer.


I feared for the hammy he tore against Carlton last year in that chase.


was like


bam handball straight into joe’s running hands.


Even though he hasn’t torn either of his games up so far, he’s been doing a lot of his special things still. Looks stronger and a bit more aggressive too. I like.


And then gave the prick a spray too.
Loved how he also buried that Port bloke with a tackle aswell. Has a touch of white line fever about him which I love


May win the medal next week, a lazy 5.


He’s THIS close from tearing a game apart

Anzac Day, oh boy