#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Beat you to it.


Yep, improved on last week by a street, and will hit full stride on A Day, and fkn own it I reckon.


Fletcher would have got 2 weeks for that.


Was thinking the exact same thing at the time!


Really looks on the edge of a big game.

Last two weeks our small forwards have got a bit of space at times. Obviously more so this week.

He truly is a damn good player.


He just believes in himself. He’s talented but with a cocky edge, it’s a great combo to have imho.


Couldn’t have asked for too much more with just 2 games under the belt and missing the JLT Series. We get him firing and it adds so much more to our attacking play.


His agility is unreal.


His pack goal was Hird-like. Just raised the ball high enough to stick the boot onto it. Brilliant!


Only needs a few touches to stampt his quality on a game.



He is also developing a bit of that Dermie mongrel about him. Notice him strut a bit and give someone a shove up in the goal square on the weekend made me laugh. He has talent to burn this bloke.


Think this was worth a bump. He’s come a long way.

I love him.


Loves playing against Collingwood too, could be a smokey for the ANZAC medal


Was it only Fletch who gets rubbed out for tripping?


Hope he kicks another bag on that flog maynard


And Joe gets to count on both hands


Was sitting next to the Port cheer squad, feral bunch of flogs. But they where saying “see you next year Orazio”. I know he’s from SA, do they know something we dont about his contract status and a return home? Or are they just dreaming?


Loves playing them; 11 goals from 4 games against Collingwood. Joe not bad either kicking 3 twice and an Anzac medal