#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


He’s contracted for next year.

Wasn’t he a crows fan growing up? So he’s more likely to go there isn’t he? Especially if Eddie only has a year or two left


Still only 66% game time, highlights how he is still building his fitness base and the club is understandably cautious. Arguably our most important player this bloke, he is primed for a big Anzac Day.


I suspect they are just fans of the game and they are looking forward to seeing a quality game from him in SA irrespective of him kicking 5 against them.

Aficionados of the highest order port fans :call_me_hand:


Has often said Melbourne is home now. Going nowhere.


I have no worries of Raz leaving Zaka took him under his wing when he first arrived.

Greek and Italain stick together haha


Loves the club and loves Melbourne. Not going anywhere.
Funnily enough I ran into a Crows official I know at the SANFL on the weekend and jokingly said “Sloane would look good in a Bombers guernsey” to which he laughed and said “Fantasia and your second might get us interested” :laughing:


No deal.


Raz+2nd round for Sloane who will be 29 at the start of next season?



Sloan and their 1st for Fanta.
1st born, that is.


Sloane is a free agent, why would we trade for him if we were interested?


I didn’t reply as eloquently as you did.
Mark my words though they will have a big dip at him as Betts’ end is coming much more rapidly than they had envisioned


Charlie Cameron leaving has been big for them as well I reckon. They lack zip at the moment. A bit one paced.


He is a RFA so we would have to trade with them


Port Adelaide still have their 3 round pick still on the table for Fantasia.
Lol f*ckwits.


They way the Crows carried on during last years trade period they will demand 2 first round picks for Sloane.


Rules meant to be changing on that in regards to 10yrs service players however


I would go after Gaff is 25 and fits our list demographic.


yeah because we REALLY need an outside midfielder…


Don’t think they can change it mid season so probably won’t help for Sloane


Gaff is Zaka lite
Outside front running squib.
We need inside bulls