#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


What about Dom Dyson? they are stacked for inside mids.


Legit would not lose Fantasia for anything.


Except for shiel what a unit. In awe of the size of the lad.


Shiel can suck me off.

RAZ for days.


Get a room you guys


He’s a beast of lad that can run all day would love him at EFC


raz is arguably one of 3 on our list with the highest glass ceiling (tog with joe and mcG). love him. a player that kids with will imitate in the playground.
btw- his goal yesterday reminded me of a Hirdy goal on Anzac day- the one with his head over the ball - showing courage, talent and amazing footy smarts. Raz is blessed with those traits too. hope he has an injury-free run now and becomes what he can.


Can’t imagine anyone here is saying he’s just a bag of tricks goalsneak here but I’d imagine those who aren’t as familiar with Essendon’s list, perceive him as such. One of our smartest, most instinctive footballers.


They know less than we do, and that’s nothing!


I’ll kidnap him if I have too. Not going anywhere, even if he wants to.


if he wanted to go. then id want too trade. hate the thought of players who dont want to be there.

but id hope he would be the last one in that boat on our list.(hope its an empty boat).

Raz thread isnt a trade thread. I mean wtf? where does this discussion come from?


Whisper around that he’s pulled up sore from the weekend. Could miss a couple games if it’s worst case scenario. Believe he’s gone for scans. Anxiously awaiting the Crow injury update video now…


Port had a massive crack at him a year or so ago. He resisted. Loves the club & now part of leadership group. Difficult to imagine he leaves IMO.


Losing track of how many Essendon players have gone off for scans this season. Hope it’s nothing, he is too important to keep being out. We need to get him right.


crowy has part ownership in an mri place


They say it because Bassett is there now and Bassett is the one that got him to essendon. They’re just dreaming. He wont be leaving.


Two games at Etihad probably not great for recovery. Hope like hell he gets up for Anzac Day, his pace will be super important.


Heard it was a groin injury - 2-3 weeks out. Hope it’s wrong.


Huge loss if out


Well that would be ■■■■.