#13 Ow-razio "Call me Razzle Dazzle" Fantasia


Rush player back. Player gets injured.



Got tackled heavily at one stage and got up a bit ginger, can’t remember who but someone sold him out with a ■■■■ handball.

So important to our team


Oh get farked. He better not be injured.


…Joey… :roll_eyes:


If it was for that goal it was worth it. Almost.


Are we still blaming Dempsey for letting Judas be an ANZAC Medallist?


Damnnn! Hopefully just tightness and he’s right after longer break


Let’s be honest, by the end of that game I suspect there was tightness in the groin region for many of us.


No, I’d massaged it plenty by that point.


we are ■■■■■■.



Reckon it was when he kicked the goal


Fk off

If true, he’s becoming fkn injury prone


Yes. ■■■■ kick was ■■■■. And while Dempsey had many positive attributes the fact that his kicks were consistently poorly weighted across his entire career was a problem and means he shouldn’t have been let off with the “accidents will happen” cliche. Hille should have been taking an easy chest mark, not jumping and stretching one handed to reach for a Dempsey floater (of course it did allow Paddy to go into the ruck but that was an obvious positional change and shouldn’t have relied on someone getting injured to prompt it).

And while that incident was a close to a decade ago (really? fark) and I’m not nearly as annoyed as that previous paragraph might suggest, I guess what I’m trying to say is I hate outside players who can’t hit easy targets properly. Something all to common at Essendon for the past decade or more.

So… how about Fantasia hey?


Damn. I caught a big fish, quick.

Why can’t the club do that?


mate, you’re just naming any player now.


Lol. Bring it up in another 10 years and I’ll only be mildly displeased.


Don’t worry, I still hate Gary Ablett Jr for that time he punched McVeigh off the ball and only the remonstration was noticed.


Anyone heard any rumours about Raz hurting his groin at training today?


Looks noticeably bigger in the upper body this year, wonder if that’s having an effect on things.