#14 Jordan Ridley -- 5 MORE YEARS (till 2026)

A jarred knee is painful … thats all. I doubt the thigh strain was due to the jarred knee. Sometimes ■■■■ happens

Im no doctor, or coach

But I reckon it would have been a smart decision to give rids 2 weeks off after that hyper extension for it to settle down, then he’s back in for the last month of footy, and not out for the year

I mean, its not like our medical team have given us any reason to have any faith in them


Weren’t the knee injury and quad strain on different legs?


Yes. Quad strain on the right and he hyperextended the left knee. I’m not sure there’s as clear a connection between the two injuries as some on here think


Sorry this is old, but just saw this.

ACL most commonly occurs one of 3 ways. Most prevalent being pivoting and knee collapses inwards, 2nd is hyperextension of the knee, 3rd being knee going outwards.


I’ve been a rusted-on supporter of this guy ever since I saw him make his VFL debut at Windy Hill back in 2017, and just wanted to give a shoutout for his outstanding season. He can kick, he can run, he can mark, he’s composed, he’s got a bit of versatility and he’s regularly taken on and beaten good opponents. But most impressively this year, his form, which was already very good, seemed to get even better after the bye despite the team performance turning to absolute crap. I’ve said it before that I think he could be the best defender in the competition. Really looking forward to him coming back, hopefully with improved defensive systems and effort in other parts of the ground, to lead the defence in 2024…


Defence looks pretty lost without him tbh, miss him sorely whenever he’s not around


Close to our best player in my opinion


He’s so calm under pressure.

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He is the anti Essington.

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Bumpity bump …

Hopefully a big big year for Rids now McKay is here and presumably taking over at FB, or at least taking one of the big oppo KPF. Easing some of the pressure on him and he could have a stellar year as a result.

But in thinking, if this season Reid comes good, McKay works out and we’ve suddenly got a good backline come the bye, I’d love to see Jordan used like Hooker was and swing forward now and then. He’s a decent kick and reckon he’d be a good target man in case e.g. when Harry, Weid and 2MP struggle to impact / are injured. And let’s face it that might happen at times given 2023.

Aside from Zach for me Jordan Ridley is our next MVP… And I’m so looking forward to next season and JR dominating once again for the Bombers.


EFC just posted draft year pics.

He was tiiiiiiiny!!


Oh so we do develop skinny kids!

What ya know!


If I recall, he did suffer the essential Essington tall injury of a stress fracture of the back.

I do hope we have learned something with our strength and conditioning, so we don’t continue to break our young players….

Deeply concerned for caddy.