#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


Shame - kid looked pretty smooth in JLT


Well isn’t that just super


Which is 3 months…

Kid is growing, and growing tall. Not that it’s an expected injury, but lets treat this year as an opportunity to grow into his body, and learn a lot about footy off the field. Will be a star, but will take time.


Yes. Up to 3 months.


Get well soon son.


Sad for him but it gives us a lot more flexibility with the LTIL.

Say we promote Long and McKernan. Myers comes off the list about round 3 or 4.


Stress fractures in your back sounds like a fkn horrendous injury to have. Anyone know much about it?


Damn. Hopefully it’s just a short term setback and he gets the rest of tyre year learning his craft in the VFL injury free.


Bugger all the best


Yep, had them as a 17 year old. Cost me my football career no doubt. That and a lack of ability, a crippling dislike for the contest and a fondness for beer and chips.

Seriously though he should be fine given time. Purely a sign he needs to strengthen up to handle the load his body is being put through.


Has to avoid impact but can smash weights for the next 3-4 months which should help to build his body and core.

Partial stress fracture so hasn’t gone completely through.

Be patient there is no rush.



I’ve had this most of my life - from 18-ish. Changes your life, but you work around it.


I can’t “like” it evs, … but Farken Lol.



Just to follow that up, this is what I have/had:


Patrick Cripps has suffered with stress fractures in his back all pre-season and was expected to miss a lot of the early part of the season.

He either just played his first game on the weekend or is about to this weekend.

I wouldn’t be too concerned for Ridley at this stage as the club are clearly taking a cautious and sensible approach with his rehab.


Played Sat for FarkCarlton


Crow says in the injury report article that Ridley can still lift weights, so at least he can try bulk that frame.


Agreed. I see this as a blessing in disguise. From the report it’s been caught early and should heal properly if given time. It allows the kid to focus on bulking up a bit which will protect him when he does return to the field. The extra bulk will make him more useful at AFL level.