#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


Stress fractures in the back are not a blessing in disguise, especially given that there was nothing stopping him doing weights before.


lol - talk about ‘positivity’ hahahaha


No doubt he’s really disappointed. However it’s quite a common injury and very recoverable. I’d be a lot more worried about an ACL.

In terms of his career this is a speed bump.


It’s a real pity
Ridley appears to have heaps of time when he gets the ball, composed, good kick . Thin, they will need time to build his body. I thought he did ok against the Suns. He probably would not have played this season but this will set his development back.
Good luck.


I hope you’re right.


Now on the Long Term Injury list… Smack to be upgraded surely.


I hope I’m not sitting here in 2 years time reminiscing about his debut game and how much potential he showed prior to being struck down with injuries.


That is likely, but they will wait until they actually want to select him in an AFL game that week before they do so.

This is even more so now that there is 2 slots and they can hold off on making sure there is a ruck back up because TBC may pass Smack while they wait and the first upgrade could go to McNeice or Longy if they were preferred for selection.

Doesn’t sound likely, but if we had a small backman crisis, McNiece could be called on and if a couple of our pacey players went down, and Longy was showing something, he might get called up.


My personal view is that nobody on the rookie list screams “pick me” Smack may fill a need but that’s as far as it goes. Hopefully we don’t have too many more on the LTI list.


I agree



Stacked on 6kgs whilst waiting for his back to heal, nice work!


That cant be right, 6kg in two months is a superhuman effort in the gym. For a guy with back stress fractures thats unbelievable.


That’s what Crowe said


Been staying at the laverde household?


Wow thats crazy.

Cant imagine with back stress fractures doing the big compound movements like deadlifts and squats etc which you need to do if you want to put on serious muscle.

Need our resident guru @Eastie_Boi1


Crowe said when it happened he could do full weights.


I don’t have any trouble at all, putting that much on.
Don’t even have to touch any weights!


What happened to @earth?


He’s around.