#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


Ease up.

Not every kid drafted turns superstar a year after being drafted, and it’s extremely rare unless you’re a midfielder. Even then, guys like McCluggage have struggled for the most part in their first year. These guys need a few years to develop and develop consistency. Even still in his first full year last year Langford has games of 20+ possessions and was kicking goals often (in a shocking team), Laverde was showing great signs playing forward (again in a shambolic team) last year and Francis is in his second year ffs.
I have no issue in believing that all 3 guys (provided they stay injury free) will be very good players for the club and that’s coming from someone that is usually pessimistic. It’s the midfield where I think we need to draft some class players.


12 marks floating across half back. Future star in the making!


Throw him into the guts!


I’ve been thinking on it, but hes the next gary ablett jr


Sounds likes natural backman. How long until we start training him as a forward?


First full year in what sense? Playing seniors?


Posted this in the VFL thread, but probably more fitting here.


Could be anything,

Bont like.
Wellman like.
Fark I like.


Agree, fark is good.


The fark and franga combo.


Safe bet.


Reply from elsewhere.




Can kick, can mark.


Its always interesting to revisit the pre-draft comments to put a kid in context at a higher level
This is what footyprophet said last year:

“…Jordan Ridley has proven on numerous occasions that his flexibility has the potential to be a great asset at the top level. He has demonstrated that he possesses genuine attributes forward, in defence and through the midfield. He is athletic, clean and extremely skilful by foot, which is going to help you in most positions. Up forward, he has strong hands, leads hard to space and is capable of kicking multiple goals. In defence, he is calm, reads the ball superbly in flight and his teammates love giving him possession due to a very reliable right foot. Ridley looks to possess a strong endurance base judged purely on his ability to work hard into space and provide a constant link up option when his side rebounds. On limited stoppage exposure, Ridley is one touch below his knees, holds position and is capable of releasing creative handballs to outside runners from pressure situations. In the air he is very confident overhead and will back himself to clench the ball no matter how large a pack. By all reports he also has an outstanding attitude toward his football, which creates further confidence he’ll easily cope with the rigours of professional sport…”

He is certainly showing excellent marking ability at VFL level. I suppose the kicking is a given and would translate to AFL level, one would think.


Now if he can just get those numbers in a single game we’ll have a real player on our hands.


I guess there is a reason that Jackets thought he could be the steal of the draft with the biggest potential upside.

Another Dodoro special.


He said that about morgan too…


Well the difference at this stage is that Ridley is starting to show signs he can realise his potential, and it is only game 3.

You have to give Dodoro some slack with players not always being able to realise the potential he sees.

How many good, let alone elite players are in each draft?

Dodoro is starring if he picks 2 good players a draft and getting one elite every second draft would also be a good performance.


While Morgan is now long odds to make it, its pretty easy to understand why Dodoro selected him. Dodoro would’ve anticipated Morgan being what McKenna is becoming. And heaven knows our side needed a player of that type.