#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


They should try putting Morgan in the midfield…We lack inside midfielders ( i know thats not what he is)…give him a chance in there…we tend to pigeon hole players and leave them there and than delist them…those rats over at carlton found themselves a player in Jones by trying a new position for him.


Morgan is horrible below his knees so I can’t see that happening.

When he’s fishing around on the deck looking for the ball he takes his eye off the ball expecting contact.

For that same reason I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s cut at the end of the year.


I’ve watched a fair bit of the VFL this year and it doesn’t look good for him. Maybe delist and give him a spot on the rookie list so he is not taking up a senior list spot?


Just drop him in a coffin why don’t you.

Delist then rookied is footy purgatory.


He was making inroads early in the season I thought, but I noticed I think it was against Collingwood at Windy Hill that he took his eye off the ball expecting heat. Since then I see him do it regularly. It’s not a good look.

As a small defender or midfielder you take your eye off the ball and you will get punished every time.


At this stage Ridley looks to me like a modern Sean Wellman. Perhaps one you could throw forward on occassion- Duckworth, Weston.
Although if he was a Paul Weston I’d be over the moon.
Knock on him at TAC was supposedly he’d drift out of games or sit back a bit.
Doesn’t bode well for a mid but we could certainly use a tall mobile utility itch food hands and disposal


Itch hands
F spellcheck


don’t eat nettles


Certainly hasn’t been idle whilst injured - looks to be filling out already - good frame to build on. Very bullish about this young bloke.


What’s he like in traffic?

Because if he can play well in tight spaces and win the ball in congestion, then we may have that 191+ big bodied mid with elite skills right now.


I was actually pretty confused. I thought people were caning Ridley but I think Morgan was the victim?
Anyway, I’m very excited with how Ridley is going so far. I was not too excited by his selection but he seems to be very promising.


Ridley looked good on sat.

morgan is a galaxy away.




That looks a very long neck. And long necks are useless height. Surely we should be measuring shoulder height off the ground, or maybe height of fingertips off the ground when arms fully extended upwards.
Maybe a new thing I just invented.


If it were soccer then maybe a long neck is advantageous for heading the ball etc. But for footy you are spot in on. Actually I think I remember him having a very sizeable wing span? Might be the reason for all the marks?


Long necks can come in handy for Tom Boyd style falcons!


I’m very exciting.


Hasn’t Selwood’s neck got longer over his career due to repeated stretching?


Wingspan and handspan, IIRC.


sounds like Ridley is really exciting our coaches. I’d say he wouldve played a few senior games by now had he not been injured. Is this the last year of Morgans contract? hes had a tough run with injury too. Not sure if he will get extension or maybe they will offer him rookie spot next year. We will need to make a decision on Longy too.