#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


I suspect (on the basis only of reports here) that Morgan will be delisted and re-rookied.


Its the Essendon farewell tour, Cant understand why we do it tbh


It’s probably a safety thing. It’s delisting, but you still get another year to look at them to make sure. Long I’d persevere with ahead of Morgan. He just has that bit of class when he has the ball that makes you think there is a player there to work with.


Excited to see this bloke play.


I think its a lack balls to make the decision to just cut and move on, done it with Hams, Steinberg, Mckernan, Eades. Just make the hard call and move on. I’d much rather we have another crack at a bloke like Tippa or Draper, I think thats what the rookie draft is for, not making sure that this player might turn out ok.


I might be alone, but I like the delist and rookie move.

Every year we make the call on 6-12 guys. The very last one we think might give us something going forward we give that extra lifeline. It’s the last spot on the list, and we can delist them the next year.

It’s not the worst strategy. McKernan for example I feel has been important for us in 3 games this year. For the last spot on the list, I’d suggest that’s good value over a 10 year period (or however long we’ve been re-rookieing blokes).


Yep, there is definitely more than one way to use rookie list spots.


McKernan was unlucky to be forced onto the rookie list according to Dodoro at the time, they wanted the draft pick and got Dylan Clarke who seems a chance to make it as an inside mid which we desperately need going forward.

McKernan getting a midseason promotion reinforces this view. Eades was contracted this year, and was much more of a roll of the dice. Jake Long is the tough call this year, but we know he won’t be a rookie, he needs to show something and soon as far as being a worthy senior player is concerned,


In the case of Morgan id give the club some slack. Due to his injuries he hasn’t had a fair run at it.

Has the tools to be a player but time will tell


Looking forward to seeing him at Windy Hill this wknd


Looking forward to seeing him on Channel 7 from my couch :slight_smile:


Very keen on Ridley


He’s already shot ahead of Jerrett & Morgan in the space of a few games.


Plus Jay Neagle, Tyson Slattery, Kurt Aylett.

I mean, just because it didn’t work the first 7 times, doesn’t mean it should be stopped!

I do understand it for Mckernan, and even Steinberg to an extent. These are guys who had played AFL, and can come straight in to senior footy to provide depth.

Morgan hasn’t gotten anywhere near senior footy while on the senior list, why on earth would it be different on the rookie list?

It’s a waste of a spot.


He’s been here all of 18 months and been injured for 9? of them

I don’t really know what else to say. He was rated inside the top 40 of his draft, it doesn’t make sense to chop him at the first opportunity. Not like we’ll have much of a squeeze for spots.

Also I’d love to know the hit rate for 3rd+ round rookie picks to even play 1 game.

Draft Strategy

Then why cut him at all? I’m not even meaning to comment on Morgan specifically, I’d have no issue if he got more time on the main list.

But if the decison is made at the end of the year to not keep him on the main list… Well then, the real decison on him has been made, the rookie list is just a way of delaying the inevitable.

Cut him, or don’t cut him. Stop wasting time with a half measure that has a strong recent history of never working.


I think rookie spots might change next year and be on the main list.


We’re waaaaay more likely to find a decent player in the rookie draft by picking a previously undrafted player compared to drafting a delisted Essendon player.





Well under the new CBA signed off last week they’re now available to play senior footy at any stage, so we’re pretty much there already.


What he said, 100 percent spot on