#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


I sort of see the logic of a Rookie list spot for Morgan if we think he has the talent and it’s just his injury issues that put him in doubt. Rookies usually involve a bit of a speculative element, so it would make sense to persevere if we think injuries are the only thing holding him back and we genuinely don’t know whether he can overcome them.

If we’re sure he has the talent and we think he’ll come good, he should stay on the main list. If we’re not sure of the first bit, or certain his body isn’t up to AFL intensity in the long term, he’s probably in line to be cut altogether.

Where is Mason Redman in this discussion, by the way?


Signed an extension last year from memory, still got 1 more to go.




Ah yeah of course - very good point.


You’ll be delighted to know that Mason has a contract until the end of 2019.


Heck yeah. Why draft the next Tippa when you can keep the next Tyson Slattery on the list for another year.

As others are saying, having rookies be allowed to play at any time is a new twist. My guess is it will make the re-rookie even more common among the teams that love it so much. Get the national draft pick instead of rookie draft pick, still get to play them whenever your preferred option is the 40th best player on your list.


You are correct, I am delighted.


Long term contract makes him a prime delist and rookie candidate based on our past form.


There’s not a great deal of difference wit hthe rookie list anymore - Primary A rookie listed players can all play from round 1 - correct me if i’m wrong?

Makes perfect sense to delist and rookie him.


I think it depends on how you define it as working

If it’s a list spot viewed in isolation, vs proportion of successes overal then sure, in the majority it hasn’t worked
If it’s compared to the success or otherwise of comparable picks, I think it’s probably much of a muchness

But in reality, half of those guys were halfway through a contract, and were going to be around anyway in some way, shape or form. The only actual decision was leave them on the main list and take a 3rd (or 4th or 5th) rookie pick; or demote them to rookies and take a 4th (or 5th or 6th) national draft pick or FA or cheap trade.
You can attract players to your main list, but nobody’s coming here to be a rookie.

Ie Eades as rookie + Stewart
vs Eades still on main list + best of whoever was left in the 3rd round of the rookie draft [ironically probably some other club’s retread like Joel Patfull or Fraser Mcinnes]


On balance I’d give a 1 year extension to Morga now and work out whether he sits on the main or rookie list once we know what’s happenijg with the older guys. Quite likely we’re doing 6-8 main list changes anyway.


You move him to the rookie list because giving him an extra year on the rookie list is cheaper than the main list, and gives you a better draft pick.


I found this one particularly strange. Like Redman stood out over all other draftees and needed to be guaranteed 4 years straight away like other clubs were scrambling for his signature. I get that he is a light body and might need more time but just thought at the time he hadn;t really shown anything yet anyway.
Also i liked the comments elsewhere of Morgan being given a try right in the middle, he is actually a big body for his age, quick and seems ordinary in defence.
Interested to see Ridley this weekend too.


It seems like Essendon recruiting priorities character over all else.

Myers getting that extraordinary contract was baffling this one seems it again. I’m not saying don’t give him a contract.


When it becomes apparent that a player doesn’t have the intensity or appetite for the contest required of AFL, you cut your loses. Morgan is that player in my opinion.


Everyone involved with the VFL side would disagree with you about his attitude and intensity.

His hammies could cost him though.
But you never know.


I haven’t seen him as many times as some watchers, but from what I have seen, my impression is that he plays too far outside the contest too often.


From next year, yes. Still paid peanuts though.*

*comparitive to other listed players.


Well how about that Jordan Ridley kid. What a jet.