#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


Does he play like Sean Wellman?


I wrote a very long and well researched reply to HAP but probably too much of a digression for the Ridley thread, so I have put it in the Draft Strategy thread.



Could do. What I’ve seen of him likes to mark by reading the ball better than others, takes off and lopes forward, good penetrating kick, and seems to read space / the options ahead of him well.
Damaging from half back, and can hold up defensively.
So if that’s like Wellman, yeah.


I haven’t seen him yet but is he Marty with a bit more height size speed and slightly better skills?

Sounds awesome and that’s not to say that Marty doesn’t have a place in our future backline

Conor Rambo hurls
Gleeson Hartley Ridley

7th ?

Of course that ignores Francis going back too

That is very tall obviously but if Ridley comes through more in mold of Birchall it could be very exciting. Can McKenna be a back pocket and rebounding animal though. Maybe we need to look for another had nut from Frankston


To be honest, I don’t think we’ve really found the Bags replacement unless McNeice is good enough. And maybe not the Kelly replacement. McKenna and Ridley sound good for the rebound and intercepting roles, but for the lock down role I just can’t see Gleeson doing it. Maybe Dea? You kind of want someone a bit more composed. Maybe Redman for the Kelly role?

In many ways, I hope the players develop so this could be our longer term back line (Hurley as the old man!):

FB: Hurley Hartley Dea/Gleeson/McNeice
HB: McKenna Ambrose Ridley
Rotating: Redman

I see Francis as the Hooker replacement (longer term) to be honest. Or at least I ■■■■■■ hope so.


Yep, with the way Ridley is being talked about, he may very well be a good HBF option for us.

Back Pockets though we are very short of. Baguley still good for the time being. McGrath exceptional… but other things are planned. Other than that I’ve got Mutch as a possibility, but then the cupboard is pretty bare.

So Frankston it is.


What about Hepp A?


Needs to grow his hair out before the draft. Or maybe that’s the plan: no opposition scouts are going to notice him now.


Zero chance of that.


Not much then…


You’ll have to help me out 'boot… because he is a winger / midfielder and good enough to make it in that role… or because he just doesn’t have the skills to play the back pocket role?


Well yes he is a wing/mid, could also play across half back. Is both too tall (and a fair chance to add little more height yet), and not blessed with the acceleration for the Baguley role.


Cheers… Frankston it is then.


Nick Hind.


Reckon he’d need to pack on a bit more weight, but we could do a lot worse.
I’d definitely have a look at it.


But Frankston VFL folded! How are we going to draft small defenders!?!?!?


Might have to wait until next year when Gary Buckenara gets them up and going again.


Faster than Gleeson? Jeez. He’ll be a good player if so given his size.

No way can McKenna play BP or really anything defensively minded.


I live close by, I’ll take care of it!


I wouldn’t mind seeing Benny Howlett tried BP.