#14 Jordan Ridley - this AFL thing is pretty easy


Too slow in my opinion.


That’s actually a great idea. He’s got the attitude for it. Burst speed may not be enough, but well worth a try.


Interesting idea. Can’t say I’d considered that.


I don’t know if he’d be all that much slower than Bags. McGrath, yes.


True. You just would not want to play both together.


Well, no. I think the look of the backline is set

(McGrath, Bags, Kelly, Glees/Dea, Hurley, Ambrose/Hartley)

I’m just not sure Bags is all that safe in his spot. And I’m sure that Howlett doesn’t have an AFL future as a forward,nor much time left in midfield


Irrespective of whether Howlett could succeed as a small defender, I think we fail to experiment with players who aren’t quite good enough in one position. When it became apparent that Ambrose didn’t have the weapons to succeed as a forward, I advocated for around 2yrs to try him as a defender before it eventually happened.
A guy like Hams might have made a small defender or even an on ball tagger. He had the hardness and the attitude, much like a small version of Ambrose.
Look at Jones (FC) as a recent example.


I don’t think I can come up with too many examples here where I’d agree with you
Just this year we’ve seen stanton dropped from midfield to half back, Myers follow, and even guys lie Jerrett and Redman tried at half back.

I just think the club overrate B Howlett in particular.


Howlett is a good honest player but it’s not 5 years ago now. We have a much deeper, talented list and unfortunately, too many have gone past him. I don’t see him playing too much footy unless injuries hit


I’ve seen him about 7 times so far this year.


He played twice in the first 10 weeks and played the last three and probably held his place due to the parish injury, and is now out again. He’s nothing more than a depth player, every club needs them


That’s true, he uses Howlett and McKernan as place holders for best 22 players. With the younger guys he plays them much more deliberately giving them a block of games generally, with the post ANZAC day matches being a more complicated situation.



This thread has about as much relevance to the question as a minister answering a question in house of reps


That’s basically replacing a 30 year old back pocket with one that will turn 29. We need a younger player to replace Bags.


“It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”


Yeah… lets get back to what we’re supposed to be doing:



Ambrose was tried out as a defender in the 2016 preseason. Two year earlier is the 2014 preseason. He was drafted at the end of 2013. Something doesn’t add up in your timeline…


What about Redman? Younger, quicker and has a bit of Mongrel


For a small back pocket? He looks to have the classic attributes of a flanker/wingman to me.